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UPDATE Connecting 2 Routers Together For Better Wireless Connectivity

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this video is an update to how to connect 2 routers together where here i am doing essentially the same thing but using a switch to manage the connection as far as i know this should work with any any network switch and should eliminate the need for dual Ethernet ports on the motherboard or elsewhere. please refer to the other video for configuration settings for the router.
please note i have not got any setting running on the switch as i haven't been able to console into it. if you are having problems with this switch configuration be sure to check the setting configured in the switch.

additional information
in the video i am using a layer 2 switch this being a dell powerconnect 5324 to perform bridging between the ports this being the internet, wan on a straight through patch panel cable and the rotuer which should be connected vai an SFTP cable into the switch the primary (sky router) DHCP settings are on whereas the Netgear the DHCP settings are off so you can still access the gateway and get ip dresses for clients connected to the network through the SKy router, the trick is to make sure that the cable connecting the Netgear router in this case and the switch are of a good quality preferable a SFTP (shielded foiled twisted pair) cable this will then prevent drop outs and EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) from ruining the connection. and as the switch is essentially a basic computer you can leave it on with little power consumption as they are designed to be on day and night and still be able to get a connection to either netgear or the sky router however the reason why both wireless antennas have to be on is because that if the wireless on sky is turned off the signal coming from the netgear is significantly weakened to the point where i received a pathetic 0.67 mbs download and similar upload speed.

if this method still isn't good enough then you can always try getting the DHCP information from the ISP via the PPP connection on the wan via wireshark to recover the username and sky password to fool the system into thinking your part of the sky ecosystem the default metric I believe is 1492 but check this on Google this will then allow you to connect your own router

also note as this is a layer 2 switch this configuration will work with any ISP even if it is not SKY but if you don't have sky and are no virgin per say then your better of setting the router in modem mode or getting an additional router and setting it to AP mode to solve the wireless problem if you wish

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